Proper Cocktails

It’s no secret that I am a fan of a really good Manhattan. Now I am very picky about the exact way my drink is made because like food, making a good drink, a proper cocktail,images-1 is somewhat of an art. No one admires a good bartender more than I do. This past week we had friends in town so we went out to eat at a couple of places. Both places I ordered a drink, my beloved Manhattan. The first experience was at a lovely place in Rhinebeck called Terrapin. Great food and superb cocktail. My Manhattan was listed on the menu as a sour cherry bourbon manhattan. Ok so they had me at sour cherry. The drink was made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, house soaked cherries and local Warwick cherry cordial. This was the best Manhattan I have ever had, and I make a pretty damn good one right here at the Adams Road bar, so I am not so easily impressed. The secret here was in two things, the house soaked cherries, and the cherry cordial liquor. I had to know what it was and where it came from, so I looked it up and there it was. Warwick Winery and Distillery right here in beautiful Upstate NY in a little town called Warwick. Who knew? I will be visiting there very soon and returning with some of this wonderful cherry goodness! My second experience was not so good at the CIA in Hyde Park. I understand they are a teaching facility, but wow, the food was good, not great, the service was awful and the cocktails were bad. Really bad. For the amount of money that we spent we should have had a much better dining experience. And I could not help but wonder for all the money it costs to go there, you would think there would be an instructor or two walking around making sure that things were done properly. I have been there twice now and I doubt I will go back. As for Terrapin I will most certainly go back and I am off to Warwick soon to visit the winery and distillery. I will have a full report with photos soon!

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