Gobble Gobble Time

Well Halloween is over and now instead of our minds being on costumes and candy, we switch gears to our preparation for overeating. The holiday of all holidays, happy-thanksgiving-day-from-samantha-endora-bewitched-2915030-800-600 Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because it is so all about the food, and lots of it! I also love this holiday because everyone always has great food disaster stories to share which I find very funny and amusing. I had a client once that told me that if you looked in the dictionary under the word dry, you would see a picture of his mother’s turkey. Another client told me that his wife’s dressing was so bad even the dog would not eat it! My wife likes to share the story about her sister who forgot to thaw the bird and tried to microwave it.  The only food not out of a can were the potatoes she (my wife) made. She says that was all she ate that dreadful Thanksgiving. This was also the sister who had the great misfortune to plop a donut casserole on my dessert table. Those of you who know me can only imagine how well that went over.( Insert hysterics). Then there was my Aunt Mary who only knew how to make about 4 things, she left the gizzards in the bird one year. I did the same damn thing many years later and thank goodness my client was super cool and had a great sense of humor! I also love the stories of the family dynamics……or lack there of. The stories about the aunt who has never seen you with a man and won’t stop asking why you are not married at 50, a nice girl like you.  Or the annoying deaf uncle who begins every sentence with “in my day” in a really loud voice so he is screaming in your face. And how about the cousin that has the audacity to bring jug wine. That’s grounds for death by public flogging in my house. Then of course there are the teens. Ah yes those darling adolescents who don’t speak but do utter sounds occasionally and pretty much never make eye contact with you until you say dinner is ready, at which time they devour everything that is not nailed down all while texting their friends telling them how bored they are.  It’s the great meal that makes most of us unbutton our pants so that we are comfy while taking the tryptophan nap, so we can wake up, button up and eat more. Gotta love Thanksgiving! Well this year in honor of all of this holiday bliss, I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes with you. So on Thursday Nov. 12 at 6:00 I will be doing just that in Saratoga at Serendipity Studio. Come join us and I will show you how to make my world-famous (in my world) sausage, apple, fennel dressing and we will do some outside the box dishes like, mashed potato casserole, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and maple syrup and my favorite Utica greens. Can we say yum! We will also talk turkey and I will show you how to make a super easy brine and herbed butter for basting. I will also be asking everyone to share their funniest holiday story of a good meal gone bad. best story wins a 25.00 gift certificate from me for my next class. Now if all of this does not entice you to come join us on Nov. 12, then I don’t know what will. Class is just 49.00 (bargain) So what are you waiting for?   http://www.serendipityartsstudio.com


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