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Philomena_0932So when my brothers and I were kids, we pretty much drove my mother nuts on a regular basis. She used to get all crazy and tell us that we were going to drive her to Utica! Well we really were clueless as to exactly what that meant. Eventually we learned that there was a mental hospital in Utica. A real creepy one like the one in American Horror Story. So for most of my adult life I always associated Utica with a creepy nut house and my mothers fear that if we did not behave, she would be joining the ranks of residents. Now fast forward some 50 years later and my moving back upstate and discovering that nutty Utica is know for something much better than a crazy house………Utica greens! Let me tell you I cannot stop eating them. Several restaurants around here serve them, but I love the dish so much that I make them here at home all the time. For my family they are a main dish, and the recipe that I am about to share with you has added potatoes, which I love and that makes the dish really a main dish. So if you love greens, you must try these. It’s so nice to no longer associate Utica with crazy people and instead think of this yummy dish. If you are not an escarole fan, substitute spinach it’s just as good. Enjoy and remember, buy local, eat healthy, stay well!