We never know where life will take us. For 25 years of my life it took me to the kitchen. From the restaurant business, to starting a catering company, to opening a cooking school, cooking privately in clients homes and launching a product line. For me, it was always the kitchen.

In 2011, I began to have terrible pain and could barely get through the day. The diagnosis was severe Osteo Arthritis in both hips. The solution; double hip replacement. After the surgery the doctor suggested that I might want to explore a new career, one that allowed me to not be on my feet so much. So I did, but the love of food and the even bigger love of teaching about food never left me.

So today after a few years away from the kitchen and the inspiration of the bountiful Hudson River Valley….I’m back!

Back to my roots in Upstate New York, back to the town where I was born and first learned to cook and best of all, back in the kitchen. Your kitchen! My classes are private, taught in your home, you get to invite whomever you like and the fun begins!